Justice For Trayvon Martin Now!

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Photo courtesy of the artist.

Justice For Trayvon Martin

Justice For Trayvon Martin!

In February 2012, Florida teen Trayvon Martin was slain by George Zimmerman who claimed self-defense.  When Travyon Martin’s body was inspected, the only things in his possession were a hooded sweatshirt and a bag of Skittles!  This senseless death has sparked protest marches across the USA.

There’ve been quite a lot of tributes to Trayvon Martin including the above image that was sent to us anonymously.  The artist behind this work is definitely one you know, but the purpose of the piece is to draw attention to the injustice of Trayvon Martin’s senseless murder.   On the package of Skittles, it says “American Teenager.  Shot in self defense.”  You’ll note that instead of Skittles, you see falling bullets.  So tragic.

Spread the word!  Justice will be served!


BluDog10003 Pays Tribute to Trayvon Martin: Skittle and Wesson

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Photo by G.  Art by BluDog10003.

#MillionHoodieMarch for #TrayvonMartin by BluDog10003

#MillionHoodieMarch for #TrayvonMartin by BluDog10003

The other day, Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was gunned down.  His killer, a citizen armed with a weapon, claimed self-defense.  When Trayvon Martin’s body was examined, he had with him a hoodie, a can of iced tea and a bag of Skittles candy!  Protest marches have been taking place across the country.  New York Street Artist BluDog10003 has paid tribute to Trayvon Martin by pasting “Skittle and Wesson” across New York in hopes of raising awareness to this horrible crime.  It got my attention!  If you’re mad as hell about this senseless crime, DO NOT KEEP QUIET about it! RAISE YOUR VOICE!  Pass it on!

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