Brandon Flowers is a Dick

Posted by The G on December 4, 2010 under Encounters with G | 19 Comments to Read

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Brandon Flowers: Not Nice

I debated about writing about my experience with Brandon Flowers (lead singer of the Killers), but in conversations with several readers, I decided to out Brandon Flowers.  On December 2, 2010, prior to a show at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom, I met Brandon Flowers.  It was an extremely chilly day and I was one on one with the fading superstar (see sales of his solo album for proof).  As he approached, I grabbed my Killers CD covers and asked for his autograph.  He told me that he doesn’t sign in blue sharpie.  As I had no other pen on me, I asked if he would personalize the signature to prove that I would not be putting it up on Ebay.  He said no.  I then asked if I could take a photo with him and he said “I don’t do that” and then he quickly fled the scene.  It’s always strange being in this situation because I understand that these types of people are constantly hounded for autographs and photos.  In a crowd, it makes perfect sense to say no, but when you are one on one at their concert, it’s just plain rude.  When I saw his solo show earlier this year, I saw him sign an autograph in blue sharpie with my own eyes (in a crowd), so he flat out lied to my face!  I’ve supported Brandon Flowers by purchasing all of his CDs, several import singles and I’ve seen him solo and as part of The Killers in concert 3 times.  Well, he lost a fan because I will not tolerate that type of behavior.  I’ve met thousands of celebrities and rock stars and my experience with Brandon Flowers definitely leaves me not wanting to support a person who is a prick for no reason.  In the time he spent refusing to sign an autograph or take a picture, he could have easily signed many.  Somebody told me he was nice.  According2g, Brandon Flowers is a dick.

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