Fake band of the day

Posted by The G on January 24, 2010 under The G Spot | Read the First Comment

Photo taken with my hand.

Cigarette Water. Promotional photo.

Here’s a bit of Sunday afternoon silliness.  Gail and I formed yet another fake band:  Cigarette Water.  We initially called ourselves The Naked Moms, but the imagery was a little too scary for children to handle.  Plus, The Naked Moms was going to be a Christian Rock band.  So once we decided to change our name to Cigarette Water, we hashed out plans for our first single – “Unattractive Lady.”  Imagine Barry White-style vocals as you read this next part.

Here’s some of the lyrics:

“Unattractive Lady.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you had rabies.

Unattactive Lady.

You’ll never have my babies.

Because you are so…. unattractive.”

We think it could have been a worldwide smash.  Back to the drawing board…

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