Photos: Nile Rodgers Discussing His Book “Le Freak” In New York

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Photos by G.

Nile Rodgers

Nile Rodgers

October 20, 2011 was a night I’ve been looking forward to for a very long time.  It was the night Nile Rodgers stopped by Barnes and Noble in Union Square in Manhattan to discuss and sign copies of his autobiography “Le Freak – An Upside Down Story of Family, Disco and Destiny.”  It’s pretty safe to say that anyone who has ever heard pop music likes at least one song he’s written or produced. His list of accomplishments is astounding and he’s worked with the likes of everyone from Madonna to David Bowie to Diana Ross and of course, in his own band Chic.  He’s responsible for some of the hottest disco tracks (like “Good Times” and “Le Freak”) that will be club favorites for as long as clubs exist on this planet.  Nile Rodgers discussed his autobiography “Le Freak” with cultural critic Toure’ and I can already tell it’s going to be impossible to put it down. Nile told the stories behind songs such as “Good Times” which was written about not getting in at Studio 54 despite a personal invitation from Grace Jones, “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross and he talked about being heavily influenced musically and stylistically by Roxy Music and Kiss!  He also mentioned meeting his Chic partner in groove, Bernard Edwards, how they became musical soul-mates and how the band came to be called Chic. These stories are all in the book and it’s really great to get the back stories on these historical moments in music.

Nile Rodgers!

Nile Rodgers was diagnosed with cancer last year and he’s had some ups and downs with his health.  He told the packed house that he’s currently waiting for the results of some tests he’s taken recently, so please send Nile your positive thoughts.  One thing is for sure, Nile is not slowing down at all and his enthusiasm and gratitude is as infectious as the grooves he’s created – past, present and future.  There was a lot of love in the room tonight and it was clear that we did not want the hour long discussion to end.    After the discussion, Nile signed copies of “Le Freak,” and he was really taking the time to make sure everyone at the signing/discussion/party was having a great time.  Not only is he a musical genius and a legend, he’s also a really nice guy!  I am so thankful for all the great music you’ve given myself and the world and all of our lives are better because of it.  Thanks Nile.  You are truly an inspiration!

Toure and Nile Rodgers

Toure' and Nile Rodgers

“Le Freak” by Nile Rodgers is out now.  Don’t even think about not getting it!

“11 Heavy Things” by Miranda July in Union Square

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Photos by G.  Art by Miranda July.

What I Look Like When I'm Lying by Miranda July. Photo by a complete stranger.

Reason number 6,543,324 to love the Happy Famous Artists.  Though they live 3,000 miles away from me, they tipped me off to some great art by Miranda July that is a 20 minute walk from my house!  “11 Heavy Things” has toured the world and it’s currently residing in New York’s Union Square.  The works are interactive sculptures where the viewer can insert body parts as suggested into the pieces to make them complete.  In your journeys through the city, definitely stop by and interact with this art!  “11 Heavy Things” will be on display until October 2010.

This is not the first hole my finger has been in nor will it be the last.

There’s 9 more heavy things for you to discover in Union Square.  See them while supplies last!

Virgin Megastore’s Sad Last Days

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RIP Virgin Megastore

RIP Virgin Megastore

This weekend is the final 3 days before the last remaining Virgin Megastore in New York’s Union Square closes its doors forever.  Sure their prices are up to 80% off, but the good stuff is long gone. It is like visiting a terminally ill person, where you really want to do something to help, but it’s too late. The closing of Virgin symbolizes the passing of the torch from physical goods to digital media.  A very sad day for music lovers, but when when door closes another one opens.  I, for one will really miss you Virgin Megastore.  Your stores worldwide have provided me hours of pleasure, discovering new music, in store events, a bargain or 2 and lots of smiles.  May you rest in peace!

This space will no longer be a Virgin in 3 days

This space will no longer be a Virgin in 3 days

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