Boycott Urban Outfitters for Stealing Cali Killa’s Art!

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Photo by G.  Art by Cali Killa.

Beware of Hipsters by Cali Killa. Image Stolen by Urban Outfitters.

I was really upset this morning when I found out that Urban Outfitters has STOLEN the work of street artist Cali Killa.  Cali Killa’s “Beware of Hipsters” image has appeared on the streets of major metropolitan cities in the USA including Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and New York as well as on many art sites, including  Without seeking Cali Killa’s approval or permission, Urban Outfitters is now selling a line of “Beware of Hipsters” T-shirts.  Cali Killa will not see any money from this gross injustice and it’s not fair!  Until Urban Outfitters rights the wrong, I am asking you all to boycott Urban Outfitters!

If any legal experts can help out, please get in touch!  If anyone knows Urban Outfitters CEO Glen Senk, please get in touch.  Please Tweet about this, post this information on Facebook and forward to as many art blogs and media sites as you can. We cannot let Urban Outfitters get away with this!  Please forward this information to everyone you can and boycott Urban Outfitters for STEALING the art work of Cali Killa.

Thank you.

UPDATE:  Thanks to all my dear readers for helping spread the word.  Less than 48 hours after this article appeared online, Urban Outfitters removed the products from their stores and website.  You all ROCK!  xo

Interpol live at Space 15Twenty

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Photos by G.

Paul Banks of Interpol

Los Angeles really showed a New York City boy how to have a great time on September 7, 2010.  I woke up in the morning with my Los Angeles vacation starting to draw to a close and I found out that Interpol was doing a secret show in the parking lot of Space 15Twenty, an outdoor shopping space that houses Urban Outfitters and some other complimentary stores, located a block away from Amoeba Music in Hollywood (one of my favorite places on earth), to celebrate the release of their 4th album “Interpol.”  My awesome New York luck knows no boundaries as I arrived at the venue and was fortunate enough to watch the band rehearsing.  After the rehearsal, I met lead singer Paul Banks (and he was super cool – more on that encounter coming soon – so stay tuned).  The people I met in line and at the show were also very cool and by the end of the night, we were all glowing from the amazing experience we all shared.  I’d estimate that about 300 people were at this extremely intimate show and it was definitely the hottest ticket in town.


The band took the stage at 7 pm sharp and played for just over an hour.  The weather was literally one of those perfect Southern California weather days that the rest of the world is extremely jealous of.  When the band started, the sun had just begun to set and it got progressively darker as the night got progressively more fun.  Paul Banks and company played songs from each album including hits such as “Narc,” “Not Even Jail,” “Slow Hands” and newer songs such as “Barricade” and “Try it On.”  It was interesting for me to see Interpol, a New York band, in my former city, Los Angeles. Both�of�my mistresses were representing tonight and they both gave me a perfect night.  This is my second time seeing Interpol, the first being on a loading dock  in New York and I have to say, the more I see them, the more in love I fall.  On the way home, I listened to their new album, and though it’s a bit more mellow than I am used to, I am liking it a lot.

See more pictures and the setlist after the jump.

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