Damien Hirst Vagina Tattoo On The Cover of Garage Magazine

Posted by The G on September 14, 2011 under Artsy Fartsy | Comments are off for this article

Photo of Garage Magazine by G.

Garage Magazine

Garage Magazine

Damien Hirst persuaded 23-year-old London-based illustrator Shauna Taylor to have her vagina tattooed with an iconic Hirst butterfly!  It’s on the cover of the new UK based art magazine Garage.  The cover is causing a lot of controversy and the issue (Issue No. 1, to be exact) is sure to be worth a lot of money, so take this tip from G and check out Garage Magazine.  The magazine features art and fashion and of course a Velvet Underground/Andy Warhol “Peel Slowly and See” Damien Hirst vagina tattoo!

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