WasteLine by Scooter LaForge

Posted by The G on October 23, 2010 under Artsy Fartsy | 2 Comments to Read

Fashion mavens, art collectors and people who live on the cutting edge, here’s some some very exciting news!  Artist Scooter LaForge has created an extremely limited edition series of one of a kind silk-screened clothing for Nasty Pig. WasteLine consists of 12 signed art pieces.  This about to be sold out series consists of one of a kind hand screened and dyed shredded tees, underwear and socks, all contained within a lunchbox. The name of the project aims at the idea of waste, the vanity of the waist line, and the juxtaposition of the child and adult mentalities. The artists wanted to toy with the power of holding onto being childlike and playful, yet also represent the negative consequences associated with never growing up. Perfectly suit, a role model for the collective was Baby Finster from the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons. Scooter describes his designs for the collaboration  one-of-a-kind pieces of art . He continues,  “They are all hand painted and silk screened. The will become instant cult collectibles. They are beautiful, rebellious, and punk rock all at the same time.”

I attended the opening night reception for WasteLine at Nasty Pig and I spotted photographers Krys Fox, Rob Ordonez, artist Inbred Hybrid Collective as well as Plastic Robot in the crowd.  Scooter LaForge was also on hand and he agreed to pose for the hottest photo ever for me.  Thanks Scooter!

Scooter LaForge - Wasteline

Do not delay in picking up these one of a kind items, which can be yours from Nasty Pig, which is located at 265 West 19th Street in New York.

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