Happy Birthday, Wendy and Susannah Melvoin

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Fruit at the Bottom

Fruit at the Bottom by Wendy and Lisa (Wendy's on the right)

Happy birthday to two of the most talented sisters in music – Wendy and Susannah Melvoin!

Wendy Melvoin got her start as a member of Prince’s band The Revolution and has gone on to work with Lisa Coleman as the duo Wendy and Lisa.  In addition to making great pop music, they have scored a number of films and TV shows and have won lots of awards and critical acclaim for their work.

Susannah Melvoin

Susannah Melvoin

Susannah has also worked with Prince and was the inspiration for many of his greatest songs.  She’s also written songs for Madonna and is a member of The Family which is currently known as fDeluxe.

The music of Susannah and Wendy Melvoin has made my life a much better place and I wish them both the happiest of birthdays today!

“Snapshots” by Wendy and Lisa – The G Review

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Photo courtesy of Wendy and Lisa.

Snapshots by Wendy and Lisa

Snapshots by Wendy and Lisa

It’s no secret that Wendy and Lisa made a huge creative contribution to the songs of their former boss Prince (as members of his band The Revolution).  Since going solo in late 1986, Wendy and Lisa have continued funking out, but have also made great textured music while exploring the genres of  rock, pop and of course, the countless musical scores they’ve composed for film and TV.  Wendy and Lisa are looking back on their illustrious career, but not in a traditional way.  Rather than release a greatest hits CD, the duo is releasing an album entitled “Snapshots” which consists of songs that have never seen the light of day from various periods in their career.  The EP is going to be released “imminently” and Wendy and Lisa fans are going to have a whole new respect for their talent as this EP shows off a totally different creative side to the duo.  The album will be released exclusively on Wendy and Lisa’s official website, so stay tuned for announcements.  I was very lucky to score an advanced copy of the EP and I know you are all going to love it.  The booklet features rare photos taken by Wendy and Lisa in various stages of their career and there are comments inside  about each song.  Below are brief descriptions of the songs to tide you over until the EP is released.

“Perfect Stranger” – The EP opens with one of the most rockin’ tracks I’ve ever heard Wendy and Lisa play!  It’s fast and furious.  It features lyrics such as “I want you like a lover / Get it up I’m coming for ya.”  The track was written for possible inclusion as the theme song to the short lived TV series “Snoops.”  In the end, Blondie’s “One Way Or Another” became the theme song, but the show became the first TV series that Wendy and Lisa ever scored!  I am sure fans are going to hear this track and wish for an entire album of upbeat rock and roll (and I am adding my name to that list!)

“Time” – The first of many funky instrumentals on this cd.  The song was recorded around the period when they collaborated with Seal.  Wendy and Lisa mentioned they tried coming up with lyrics for the song, but the lyrics were getting in the way of the groove so they left it alone.

“Water to the Wave” – The track was Wendy on vocals and it was recorded around the period when they scored “Soul Food.”  The track is mellow and contemplative.  As soon as the vocals are finished, the last minute and a half of the song turns into a drum and bass groove!  They say in the booklet that it was deemed to be “too experimental” at the time, but die hard fans such as myself just view it as another genre of music that the Girl Bros. conquer!

“Rosalyn” is a fast instrumental that has drum and bass influences (perhaps due to the fact that they mention in the booklet that they’d recently spent the day working with Tricky in the late 90s when this track was recorded).  It’s interesting to hear a different style from Wendy and Lisa, but you’ll instantly recognize the bass groove that will have you making “the funky face.”

“Rock Song” is an instrumental that indeed rocks.  It’s mid-tempo and features some nice guitar work from Wendy.  The end of “Rock Song” has a nice drum and guitar breakdown while still keeping the theme of the early part of the song.  The track was recorded by Susan Rogers, who long time Prince fans will recognize from her work recording many of the classic Revolution songs.

“Lemon Chiffon” is a 6 minute instrumental that is mellow but has a nice rock edge to it.  You can totally imagine the song being used in a score in a montage scene where the protagonist is about to take the bull by the horns and kick some serious butt.  The song was recorded in the “Girl Bros.” era.

“Snapshots” by Wendy and Lisa will be released very soon on Wendy and Lisa’s official site.  Spread the word and please leave comments for the Girl Bros. so they know without a doubt that we are all starving for a tour!

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