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Fuck Blogs, Fuck You

Fuck Blogs, Fuck You


This is going to be long, but I’ve really thought it through and I want there to be no question as to my feelings on this matter, so if you don’t mind, I am about to get up on my soap box.

I started writing a blog for so many reasons – and some of the main ones include the fact that so many times in my life, someone introduced me to some sort of art (music, movies, books, painting) that changed my life in a positive way, but I wouldn’t have known about it otherwise.  As I am blessed to be in a position where I am constantly challenging myself to experience art 7 days a week, I decided to pass on my knowledge and experience with hopes that my readers get something out of it.

I have always tried to write about things I like as opposed to talking smack on the things I dislike.  Of course, this is not always fool proof, but the positivity on According2g far outweighs the negativity and I am very proud of that.  I can tell you from looking at so many other sites out there on the net, I am part of a rare breed.  It takes a lot to write a blog in the way I do it.  Again, of the blogs and major websites out there, According2g is one of the only sites I’ve EVER seen that GOES to the events they write about.  I am not asking for awards or internet martyrdom, but please know that my brain is always in search of a great photo or idea to share with my readers.  If I am not physically writing, you should realize it takes tremendous amount of time to research the events I choose to go to, to spend the time experiencing the event, uploading photos and posting blogs.  A lot of time!  It doesn’t even make sense to me why someone would spend their time and energy only to talk trash about something – especially when they are just an armchair critic who has no personal experiences to draw from!  If I meet a blogger and they don’t even own a camera, I have to discredit them immediately!   If you are that witty and clever, be a stand up comedian!  We can all find something to complain about!  It makes even less sense to me that the masses waste their time reading these types of drivel and can’t even see through it!

I learned a long time ago that you cannot rely on anyone but yourself to take advantage of all the opportunities life puts in front of your face and as a result, I’ve self-funded most of the events I write about.  I’ve been let down too many times by PR people, agents, managers, venues and the artists themselves for events that were really important to me. Rather than let that dissuade me, I make it my mission to have the most fun you can possibly have at EVERY SINGLE event I go to.  I’ve chosen not to write about the incompetence of PR firms who want me to follow up with them multiple times in order to give their clients free publicity. I’ve chosen not to discuss gallery owners talking smack on their clients AND artist roster.  I’ve chosen not to write about celebrity meltdowns I’ve witnessed first hand and I’ve also chosen not to write about some of the idiosyncrasies I’ve personally witnessed by some of the world’s best loved artists.  Why?  I am a lover not a fighter.   Because I have seen and done and experienced so much, if something I write about is negative, believe me – it really left a bad taste in my mouth.   My threshold for what I will and will not accept is extremely generous and I assure you, I could write volumes of “behind the scenes secrets,” and the publishing of such a tome would cause many famous businesses to shut down and a lot of well loved celebrities to hide their heads in shame.  In my time, I’ve been lied to, cheated by and found out first hand that people I idolize are complete frauds.  I feel their bad behavior is punishment enough, though I unfortunately know all too well the reality of the phrase “nice guys finish last.”

The blog has seen a lot of highs and lows.  On a positive side, I have experienced first hand around 99% of the things I’ve written about (and again, I challenge you to find a website with as diverse topics as According2g with the same approach).  In essence, I’ve created my own news network and I’ve been able to post an average of 5 blogs a day, 7 days a week with events and art that I’ve personally experienced!  That’s pretty impressive, even for my own standards.  I’ve gotten to meet a lot of the artists I’ve written about, many of them know me personally now and I have been thanked by many of my idols for my dedication!  You can’t put a price on those types of amazing experiences, and believe me, the word gratitude doesn’t even begin to cover the feelings I have!

But let’s face it – we live in a dollars and cents world.  It is not cheap to live in New York City.  Since According2g began, I have experienced many financial ups and downs and as of this writing, many more downs than ups.  Writing as much as I do also hinders my free time dramatically.  Many times, I stay in and write while the rest of the world is out having fun, but I realize this is my choice and at this time in my life, so I am not looking for sympathy. What I am looking for is for people to wake up and support quality and not just accept mediocrity!

Flash forward to a trip to Los Angeles in November 2011.  I was on a street art expedition with a writer friend of mine.  My friend shares many of the same ideals as me and in addition to being a cool person, has a work ethic as strong as my own, which in and of itself is a huge inspiration!  We hit the streets and had observed that it was strange that in a time where street art has started to dwindle a little from the public eye, and also in a time of great civil unrest, there’s not much exciting art out there.  Rather than voice the opinions of the people who are too afraid to speak out, we’ve been noticing a lot of self-promoting logos.  Of course, that’s fine and well with me, but it brings up another gripe I have in my list negative things associated with blogging.  Many artists/PR firms drop off the face of the earth until they need something from you and then all of a sudden, they are your best friend – and since you are their friend, they want you to write all about their next item they want promoted!  It’s really irritating and again, if you don’t think I see through it, YOU are even dumber than you think I AM!

But I digress, a walk down a popular street art spot in Los Angeles and my heart dropped.  I saw the really shitty graffiti you see presented above – “Fuck The Blogs.”  Fuck the blogs?  Fuck the blogs?!  Why don’t you walk a mile in my shoes before you go running your spray paint can, you piece of shit!  Further down the alley was the tag “these walls are our blogspot,” which is an obvious attempt to whine that your art has not been featured on one of the sites.  I’m disgusted!  The amount of people in the world that care about street art is sadly very small and  the voices that help to broadcast your message to an international audience are even smaller.  HOW DARE YOU?  You can rest assured that rather than write up a blog about how ridiculous these so called artists are, a much worse punishment is not writing about them at all!  If only this theory could be carried over and applied into the realms of celebrity and politics, some folks would not be able to make a career out of being horrible. I survive on my own natural talents and perhaps you should too.


These Walls are Our Blogspots

These Walls are Our Blogspots


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