RIP, Dolores Hope

Posted by The G on September 19, 2011 under Celebrities | Comments are off for this article

Autograph and photo courtesy of the archives.

Dolores Hope

Dolores Hope

Singer Dolores Hope, also widow of comedian Bob Hope, has died at age 102.  Bob lived to be 100.  Obviously, there is a lot of great energy in that family for a husband and wife team to each live to be 100 years old!  I was fortunate enough to meet both Dolores and Bob Hope on several occasions and they were both very lovely people.  I hope some C-listers that have a big stick up their arse will deflate their egos a bit as they will never achieve the great things Bob and Dolores did – while still being extremely nice to fans.  RIP Dolores.   I hope you are reunited with Bob at the great gig in the sky (even though I believe that if Heaven exists, I think it’s on the same horizontal plane “across” from us instead of being vertically “above” us.  But that’s a conversation for another day).

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