World Premiere: “San Luis Obispo” Live by Scissor Sisters

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Scissor Sisters were in New York on October 1, 2011 at the New Yorker festival to talk about their career and play a nine song acoustic set!  In addition to playing hits such as “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin,'” “Laura,” and “Fire With Fire,” the band also played “Sex and Violence” from their criminally underrated album “Night Work” and they also premiered a new song – “San Luis Obispo.”  I know so many Scissor-heads that could not be in New York will want to see this video, so this is for you.  If anyone in the band or SS management team wants me to take this video down, I will.  My intention is to share the music, not rob from the artists, because I am a Scissor Sister – and so are you!  If you like videos such as the one you are about to see, become a fan of this page and visit daily.  I post world exclusive photos and/or videos all the time.  7 days a week, in fact.


World Premiere: “Strangeness and Charm” live in NYC by Florence and The Machine

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HD Video by G.

If I had a dollar for every website I read that said “Video Premiere” and then they literally just yanked someone else’s video off Youtube, I’d definitely take all my wonderful readers out for a fun night on the town where we created our own news.

When I saw Florence and the Machine on November 1, 2010 for her first of 2 sold out shows at New York’s Terminal 5, she played the new song “Strangeness and Charm” and treated us to the first ever New York live performance of it.  Since I took the video (with my hand), I’d like to present the world premiere of “Strangeness and Charm” live in New York by Florence and The Machine.

As I mentioned previously, I was unfamiliar with Florence Welch’s music until last night and performances like the one you are about to see turned me into a fan instantly!  I hope if this is your first time hearing Florence and the Machine, you have the same reaction.  Enjoy!

Night Work by Scissor Sisters – The G Review

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Night Work by Scissor Sisters - Out June 29, 2010.

I am a big fan of the Scissor Sisters, so it’s no surprise when I attended the world premiere listening party for their 3rd album “Night Work,” that I loved the album.  At the Rock Bar in the very West Village of New York, the Sisters debuted their 3rd record and the packed house was gettin’ their groove on for the entire album.  Every song is upbeat and I think the Scissor Sisters have a worldwide smash on their hands.  I’d heard a bunch of their new songs when I attended two not-so-secret shows earlier this year, and I am pleased to report that the studio versions of these songs are equally as awesome!

This is definitely going to be the dance party album of the year!  From the opening track “Night Work” to the Sir Ian McKellan guest vocals on the closer “Invisible Light,” the album sounds like a greatest hits record.  Spread the word as “Night Work” will be released on June 29, 2010.  I can’t wait to get my copy and play it over and over again.  Lead singer Jake Shears was in attendance to watch the packed house love every second, and after the listening party, we chatted for a few moments and he was super cool, as always, and he even remembered meeting me!  Whoa!  I think the 3rd album’s the charm for the Scissor Sisters to get the worldwide recognition they deserve.

See how filthy/gorgeous Jake Shears looked at the party as well as 2 prized possessions that Jake autographed for me – after the jump.  Not only is Jake Shears one of the sexiest men in music, but he’s also one of the nicest!  Thanks again for the music and for being so cool. Read more of this article »

The World Premiere of the new Thom Yorke song!

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Video by yours truly.

Until I hear otherwise, I am calling this song “Take Control,” which was world premiered by Thom Yorke on April 5, 2010 at New York’s Roseland Ballroom.  Update:  This song is being known as “Chris Hodges/Let Me Take Control” and also “A Walk Down the Staircase.”  At any rate, here’s the video for this mysterious song. Someone bumped into me midway through the song so the video jumps in one part, but I think you can forgive that as you won’t hear this song anywhere else!  Enjoy, dear readers and thanks for your patronage!  Please come back daily for the latest in the art and music world. I appreciate it!  Enjoy!

Let us know what you think of the new track.

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