Video Clip: Nikka Costa live!

Posted by The G on April 9, 2010 under G Videos | Comments are off for this article

Video by G.

I hope all my Angelinos go see Nikka Costa tonight at the Roxy when she hits the stage.  I can’t even count the number of times I’ve seen her live and every time I leave one of her shows, I get that feeling of having a musical religious experience.  The woman is so funky and soulful, the best way I can describe her is if James Brown and Janis Joplin had a musical baby, it would be Nikka!  Below is a video from one of her performances at the Roxy on December 30, 2007 performing “Yes We Can.”  If this video doesn’t make you become a life long fan, then obviously I’ll be needing to post another video clip or two.

And to all my friends going to the show, I expect a full report!

Enjoy! Nikka, if you’re out there, come visit us in New York!

UPDATE:� Click here to see the set list and a review from the show.

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