Video: “Space Age Love Song” live by Young Empires

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If you’re not aware of the band Young Empires, you really need to fix that!  Their debut EP “Wake All My Youth” was released earlier this year and I’ve practically worn holes in the CD from playing it so much.  The Canadian group is big back home and they are gaining momentum in the US.  I’ve seen them live many times and they have been great each time. The trio has recently added a new member, a drummer, into the band and even though I already loved their sound, it’s even better now.

Young Empires played to a packed house at Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn on July 12, 2012 and in addition to playing tracks from their EP, they also played a really great cover of A Flock Of Seagulls’ “Space Age Love Song.”  Click play and enjoy!  Feel free to share this video because Young Empires deserve to go viral!


Young Empires Announce Summer 2012 Tour

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Photo courtesy of Young Empires.

Young Empires Summer Tour

Young Empires Summer Tour

Disco may have died today with the sad news of Donna Summer’s passing, but dance/punk is still alive and kickin!

Young Empires have announced a summer 2012 tour and it’s gonna be a dance party you will not want to miss!  See you there!

10 Reasons You Should Always Go See Young Empires

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Young Empires

Young Empires

It’s no secret that I love the Toronto-based dance/punk band Young Empires.  I’ve been fortunate enough to catch each of their Manhattan shows over the last couple of years including their smoking hot performance at Mercury Lounge on March 1, 2012.  If you weren’t there last night, I hate to break it to you, but you missed out on a great time.

Here’s 10 reasons you should never miss one of their shows.

1. Young Empires’ debut EP “Wake All My Youth” has 7 great dance tracks with not one bad song in the lot.

2. They’ve recently added a new member to the band – drummer Taylor Hill and his live drumming adds a new layer of funk to their already funky sound.

3. Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra is a fan (and Young Empires will be performing at the Chopra Foundation on March 5, 2012)!

4. Their entire 45 minute set is a non-stop dance party.

5. In terms of good looks, Young Empires are in a tight race with Foster the People to be the best looking dance band in music today.

Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

Matthew Vlahovich of Young Empires

6. All of their songs are catchy with infectious choruses that will stay with you long after the show is over.

7. New York – you can catch them live tonight (March 2, 2012) at Glasslands in Brooklyn (and they’ll also be performing at South By Southwest, so don’t miss out Texas!)

8.  Have I mentioned how great “Wake All My Youth” is?  Well, I am saying it twice because I love it that much!

9. After their set was over, the crowd refused to accept it and was literally begging for them to play more songs.   That’s a site, I’ve rarely seen (and I see hundreds of bands a year!)

10. They are so nice to talk to, so make sure you chat with them after their set blows your mind!

Thanks again Young Empires for a great night!  See you soon!!!

See the set list after the jump. Read more of this article »

“Enter Through The Sun” by Young Empires – Out Today!

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Photo courtesy of Young Empires.

Enter Through The Sun

"Enter Through The Sun" by Young Empires. Out NOW!

It’s 11/11/11!  You know what that means???  It means that Young Empires are releasing their new single “Enter Through The Sun.”  Like all their music, the song is a great dance track.  Don’t just take my word for it!  Press play and get your groove on!



Happy Birthday, Matthew Young of Young Empires

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Matthew Young of Young Empires

Matthew Young of Young Empires

Happy birthday to Matthew Young, lead singer of the disco-punk band Young Empires.  Young Empires are a trio from Canada whose music will make you run to the nearest dance floor to get your groove on.  They are currently recording their first album and their songs have gone viral, being included on mixtapes from the likes of Kitsune.  The band recently recorded a live session at Daytrotter and I recommend you download the set, which you can do for free.  I am looking forward to Young Empires becoming huge stars, so if you consider yourself a taste maker, make sure Young Empires are on your radar.  Happy birthday Matthew!  I hope Young Empires come back to New York soon.  I need my fix of the funk!

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