G Meets Artist Suitman

Posted by The G on June 4, 2010 under Encounters with G | Read the First Comment

Photo taken with my hand.

Suitman aka Young Kim and G

On June 3, 2010 at the opening reception for “The New Grand Tour” at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in New York, I met one of the featured artists, Suitman aka Young Kim.  Born in Seoul, Korea, Young Kim adopted the “Suitman” persona as he began to feel alienated living in America with an Asian face and similarly, moving back to Asia with an American identity.  His photography deals with these subjects and in our own unique ways, I think we can all relate to this alienation.  When I met Suitman, he was super cool and not unsurprisingly, he donned his trademark suit to the opening.  Check out his photo gallery to see Suitman in his travels all over the world wearing his trusty suit.  Thanks again Suitman!


The New Grand Tour is on display until July 17, 2010 at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery located at 505 West 24th Street in New York.

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