Zach Williams and the Bellow Need Your Help!

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Zach Williams

Hey music lovers!  A few weeks ago, you read me raving about Zach Williams and the Bellow.  The 8-piece indie folk/rock band performed an amazing show and I have no doubt they are going to be superstars.  But they need your help.  This news is taken directly from the Bellow:

A few weeks ago, we played a show with the amazing Civil Wars in Philadelphia, PA.  After the show, we packed up in the van and headed out for another show in Pittsburgh. During the journey, our bass player Ben Mars’ 150 year old bass was terribly injured. When we took the upright out of the van, we found a hole about the size of a small watermelon on the side of his bass. It was a terrible feeling. Big Benny almost fainted when he saw the damage that had been done. After the show, we came back to NYC and had the damaged appraised. It’s going to cost around $4,000 to repair it.

Please help us raise the money to help us repair Ben’s bass!  Here is a video of Ben telling the story of this incredible instrument and a Paypal account where you can donate! Any amount will help. Please help spread the word!

Here is the paypal link:

Zach Williams and the Bellow live at Bowery Ballroom

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Zach Williams

Zach Williams (in the center)

Hot band alert!  On April 13, 2011, 8-piece indie-folk/rock band Zach Williams and the Bellow did just that at New York’s Bowery Ballroom.  From the second they hit the stage until the end of their 40 minute set, Zach Williams and the Bellow had the sold out crowd grooving in rapt amazement.  Every song sounded like a stadium anthem.  Song after song was more climactic and by the end of the show stealing set, the band surely gained 500 new fans.   Backed with a male and female vocalist, the trio of harmonizing on every song would make Fleetwood Mac proud.  You can download a few free tracks on Zach Williams’ official site, and I highly recommend it!  Put this band on your radar.  They are going to be huge!

Zach Williams

Zach Williams and the Bellow

After the set, I met Zach Williams and I congratulated him on a wonderful set.  As I was entering the venue, I ran into the singer and seconds later, I tripped on the stairs right in front of the superstar in the making. DOH!  Though he did not laugh at me, see the face he made telling me to be more careful – after the jump.

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